A TIKI, What & WHY ?

In 1974 the founders of Tiki BC researched the possibility of having a distinctive name (brand in today's terms) more than usual Venue or Badminton related reference. After research it was decided to use TIKI as the name & adopt the image as the clubs logo.

The definition & image fitted the criteria of being distinctive & unique.

The definition found to be appealing is as follows.

A SOUTH SEA's ISLAND GOD of GOOD LUCK & FORTUNE. There are various TIKI icons particular to the numerous islands of the South Pacific to New Zealand.

Recently a New Zealand original folk art icon TIKI was valued on The Antiques Road Show.

At thousands of pounds. That sort of money would most certainly be a fortune!

More recent times show that hard work from the past has reaped benefits and as a result, we are the only Premier Club (Click here to see what a Premier Club is) in Wolverhampton and one of three within a 25-mile radius. Here's the certificate of our club mark (Click here to view).

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